High Everyone

Im pretty high write now, hence the proboly not witty title of this post. I’ve been high way to much now, ive had enough, i like it but hate it, i want to get really high write now to the point were im just freaking out like nothing ive ever expiranced before, but lately ive only been getting slightly high, which i dont much like anymore. I want either really high or just nothing, cuz im not high enough, my plan is to get really really fucking high one more time and then stop for a while.

Right now i feel shitty though, i think its a combo of the weed and a constant nagging feeling of doing nothing important with my life lately, i feel like im just waiting, waiting till something good comes, waiting till the right situation hits me and i can flourish. I know this wont happen, but im just waitin still, i need to take action, ultimatly i feel like im just waiting for school, as while i waste away here, at home, either doing nothing or hanging out with friends who just dont satifsy me anymore. I want to meet new people, talk to new people.

This leads to the next post

Note: to perserve my state of writing while high, i have not profread this piece, this is gonna go straight to publish.


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