The War of Art Part 1

im in the least possible creative mood right now, i have absoultely no inspiration and i cant seem to formulate a thought of any significance. But as written about the War of Art by Steven Pressfield, you’ve got to keep going, keeping pushing against the resistance thats holding you back from inspiration.

Resistance is that nagging feeling telling you not to do something, push something off until later, why do something now that can easily be done later, that’s resistance according to Pressfield. And if you stop fighting it you die basically speaking.

So im pushing through my horrible writing block right now and just continuing to write. I took a few life changing ideasout of this book.

Following your dreams, giving up that higher paying job for a lower, inconsistant job can be miserable and most likely will be miserable. You’ll be scaveginging for money and you will be miserable. But like a marine who prides themselves in the fact that they can get by using the worst eqiupment, in the worst situations, you to as a “starving artist” must take pride in that poverty, and have that resolution to get by in the worst of situations. Take pride in being miserable.

Ill continue the rest of this post later


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