People Need Meaning

This is quick thought so i dont forget, ill publish a significantly longer and more detailed aritcle on this later. People need meaning in life, otherwise what are we doing, were dallying around, for what seems like no purpose. Once a goal is found, once theres something to look forward to in the future, then we feel good. Humans seem to look to the future for happyness, its right around the corner they think, if i complete this one “goal” then i’l be happy, basically hope is what keeps them going. But if looking into the future of some event that hasnt yet according is your source of happiness, then you’ll keep striving which is good until the goal is completed, then wheres the meaning. Thats why people after they retire, become bored with life, wheres the purpose anymore, their purpose was working. like John boyd who single handlely changed militay aviation, after he decided to retire this highly active man began to deteriote, his health declined and he simple become bored with life, he lacked a goal, but once he established another goal or purpose, he furiously went back to work, happier then ever. As viktor Frankl said, its not the disease that kills you, its the lack of hope, its when they finally say, why live anymore, thats when the disease sets in and they perish away.

Humans need meaning to life


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