My Life, Tofino

heres something that inspires me, as a kid my family and i travelled to a place called tofino, it’s a small town in canada right by the ocean. Here solitude and deep thought was as prevalent as the thick rainforests that blanked the area. There was one single, shanty style hotel there, right on the sand, hardly high class accommodations, but thats what made the place. There weren’t many people in the town, in fact it only had a couple of restaurants and tourist attractions. This was more a refuge from the clash of daily life. Here you were hit with a dose of silence, so silent you could here the trees rustling in the wind, seal calls from the ocean, and thousands of crickets chirping throughout the nigh. It was a whole different sort of bliss, a happiness that didn’t involve popularity, having “cool” friends, and getting work done, i would imagine writers would flock to this area, to literally breath in inspiration.

Never in my life had i seen true darkness, although ive traveled significantly, its usually in a bustling city or urban setting, where street lamps and building lights rain throughout the city, here in tofino there were no lights at night, nothing, you couldn’t leave the house without a flashlight, which i loved, it was mystical at my young age. I got the best night of sleep in my life here. When i turned out the single light in my room, i was suffocated by dark, by absolutely nothing, i couldnt even see my hand when it touched my nose, i remember feeling like i had a blanket of darkness on, a weird thought but still true. I sleept so well.

I remember waking up a 5 in the morning for low tide. During low tide , the tide would pull out 2 miles. We could walk around were water would normally be 5 feet high, but at this rare, surreal time in the morning, we could go where no one goes, onto the seabed, where we found an abundance of sea stars, sands dollars, and weird washed up jelly fish, as i kid this was treasure hunt heaven. Time would stop during this point, i’d lose track of the future and the past, and just be in pure bliss.

Memories like this bring me to tears as i am now, knowing that if i returned it probably wouldn’t be the same, i cherish my memories like these, but i know theres more to come, in times of despair i look back and remind myself of moments like these, so beautiful and forever real in my memories, I will go back there one day, maybe when i have a family of my own, ill bring them there, and they can relive the emotions i felt during the few days i spent there.


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