Our Genes are Made Up of Molecular Equivalents of Mounted Trophies

turns out the 8% of our genes our genes are made up of molecular equivalents of mounted trophies, viruses that attacked our ancestors and lost now make up part of our DNA, reminds me of the movie alien vs predator for some reason.

read the article here http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/31/AR2008083101759.html?nav=rss_health


Words you Should Know

as part of my vocab challenge for myself, im going to learn everything single word in a book i just got. Its called words you should know by David Olsen, i heard the words are pretty useful in here for today’s standards, so i bought it, now im gonna learn it all. Prepare for an onslaught of super big words


i hooked up with another girl again, for someone reason this isnt as satisfying as it should be, i keep coming up with lame reasons why i was able to hook up with each girl. i keep saying in my head “this was a fluke” you could never do it again, but then i do, and i say the same shit in my head again. Maybe i actually have ‘game’ as they call it.

Once im actually happy with my “game” is when i can talk to any girl without any of that fucked up nagging fear, thats all

I hope everyone knows im not about using girls, its win win for us

next post will definitely have to do with confronting my useless fucking fears

i need to travel

i need to travel, wheres some good places to go

High Everyone 2

fuck this smoking shit, i love it in the moment, but days later i cant even remeber what ive been doing with my life, its fucking done, unless its a social thing aka with a group of people, no getting high with just one buddy, fuck it

High Everyone

Im pretty high write now, hence the proboly not witty title of this post. I’ve been high way to much now, ive had enough, i like it but hate it, i want to get really high write now to the point were im just freaking out like nothing ive ever expiranced before, but lately ive only been getting slightly high, which i dont much like anymore. I want either really high or just nothing, cuz im not high enough, my plan is to get really really fucking high one more time and then stop for a while.

Right now i feel shitty though, i think its a combo of the weed and a constant nagging feeling of doing nothing important with my life lately, i feel like im just waiting, waiting till something good comes, waiting till the right situation hits me and i can flourish. I know this wont happen, but im just waitin still, i need to take action, ultimatly i feel like im just waiting for school, as while i waste away here, at home, either doing nothing or hanging out with friends who just dont satifsy me anymore. I want to meet new people, talk to new people.

This leads to the next post

Note: to perserve my state of writing while high, i have not profread this piece, this is gonna go straight to publish.

Goal – Writing

i feel im a shitty writer, simply said i know i can write much better. The words just dont come to my mind when writing, i know the perfect word, and i remember it starts with a c or something like that, and sounds a certain way, but i cant fucking remember it save my life. I need to learn some more words, i always thought vocab was taught wrong in school. No one realizes how crucial it is to actually know the words, not how to memorize words ten minutes before and then past the test. In hindsight, doing the quick memorization technique might have earned me straight As on the quizzes, but seriously fucked over any chances for increasing my database of knowledge. I feel that a solid vocabulary is essentially in learning and growing, so heres goal number one of this site.

Increase my grossly undernourished knowledge of words

i just signed up for a program that sends a word a day to my email, check it out its awesome

I’m also taking other steps to increase my vocabulary challenged lexicon, posting a list of what i believe are crucial words on my mirror, so i can see them every morning as i brush my teeth. Also, I’ve been reading a lot, and actually looking up the words i don’t know. Soon i’ll post my list of essential words that on my mirror on this site.

Other vocab sources

quizlet – online flash card maker ( i love this site)

Provoc – a application for your mac, that helps you learn your vocab, packed with a ton of features, this should help me on my goal too

Filemagnet – an application for the iphone that lets you read uploaded documents from your computer on your iphone. ive been using it just to read papers, and blogs but im going to put vocab words on it and in my free time study from there

Those are my steps so far, what does everyone else do to learn new words?